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"You are with me for life"

Good Vibez

Walk away from anything that gives you a bad vibez. There is no need to explain or make sense of it. It’s your life! Do what makes you happy. Happiness is contagious! Infect everyone with a #GoodVibez​.

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Nack ah ting

Raymond and Dilenadan | Chutney Soca 2021

Every culture has its own stories to share. Here is our story of a fun-loving guy who took all his friends for a “lime”. The story starts off with an All Fours game in which there is a celebration when one team wins. They start beating the table, creating a rhythm, a sweet pulsating rhythm making people dance, only to be confronted by the real “Table Master”. They battle it out on the table while all their friends dance and celebrate with one another enjoying Curry duck and White Oak. The showdown is quite heated but the Table Master reigns and they join the celebration singing their favourite old Bollywood songs.

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Achyutam Keshavam

Raymond feat. G3, Rennie and Renuka

Achyutam means "Eternal". God's qualities are described as Eternal, Blissful and Infinite. One of the forms of Lord Krishna is described as Keshavam, "one with long beautiful hair".

tum bin

Feat. Ramnarine "Tole" Moonilal

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Our story

“Young at Heart”
Dil-E-Nadan owns an impressive five-decade history, which has brought them to the status of being a national treasure in their home, Trinidad and Tobago. Interestingly Dil-E-Nadan means, “Young at Heart,” which is apt as the band, though 50-years-old, remains innovative, relevant and futuristic, boasting a following incorporating pre-teens, youth, young adults and elders.

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